who is your market 

When embarking upon a new creative business, the product has to be right for its intended market. Unfortunately there is no sure-fire way to ensure that this is the case, but studying the latest trends and fashions in the media is a good place to start. Fashion and lifestyle magazines and periodicals as well as television programs and current news pieces effectively capture the zeitgeist of your intended market. Use these as tools to gauge potential interest in your product.

Consider who will buy your product, what competition there is and what your unique selling point will be. i.e. Why buy this product from you and not from somebody else? What are your product's strengths and weaknesses and how can you exploit them to their greatest advantage? Interesting design quirks, aesthetic imperfections and variability are inherent in the hand-crafted goods market and with the right marketing strategy you can make these features work for you and your product.

As Far-East mass production has quickly become the standard, it has also become a benchmark that your product will doubtlessly be measured against. As a talented and creative person, ideally your product will be unique and manufactured to a much higher standard than the average mass-produced article. Personality and ‘soul' has also become a rare and valuable commodity. Signature features and aesthetics that tie a line of products together are strongly encouraged; anything at all to ensure that anybody who sees the product instantly recognises it as "one of yours".