social medias

Once you have matched your product to your market, the next step is to inform that market. You can do this through targeted, paid advertising, or you can do it yourself, often for free. Social media is often seen as the first port of call here, and when utilised correctly it can be a very powerful tool.

Facebook and Twitter are popular platforms that you may already use regularly; this is great because it means that you'll already be familiar with what they are and how they work. Creating a page for your business on Facebook and Twitter means that you can quickly inform and engage friends, family and other contacts about your business, your products and post up-to-date news and content. It's even possible to sell your product directly through Facebook.

A common complaint with using just Facebook and Twitter to promote your business is that it can be difficult to propel your promotion beyond just family and friends. ‘Tagging' your posts with relevant keywords can enable them to reach a much wider audience. Engaging with your audience using short, conversational posts with high quality, beautiful pictures and videos can be helpful; even better if you can get your fans to ‘share' or ‘retweet' these posts with others.

Competitions, promotions and giveaways will eat into your margins but can be utilised as tried and tested promotional tools. Everybody likes to get a bargain, or better: something for nothing!

Try to think of creative ways to promote your product.


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Facebook and Twitter are only the beginning; consider the favoured social media outlets of your target market. The crafting community, for example, are just as likely to engage with content on sites such as Pinterest or Instagram. Go wherever your audience are and show your product in the best possible light - when communicating with a global audience on a mass scale through the internet, remember that seeing is believing and the content that you post will be the only exposure that many of these people have to your product.

Remember to link any content that you post on the web back to your website. How many times have you seen a photo of something really cool on the web that you might be interested in buying, but had no idea who made it and if/how it was available to purchase? Again, remove all possible barriers between your customer and your shopping cart for the best chance of success.