Blog posts keep your customers and potential customers up to date with what's going on with your business.

New products, developments, events, collaborations... the possibilities are endless. Try to connect with your customers; give them all of the information they want to know and consciously avoid anything they might not. Write your blog posts as if you were writing a letter to your business's biggest fan!

Try to keep your blog seasonal. Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and other popular holidays are popular search terms around that time of year and if your content reflects these terms, you'll be much more likely to turn up in the results.

You can also use blogs as an opportunity to teach. How-to guides are popular, and tutorial videos are another tool to boost engagement. Keeping blog posts regular but varied is key to success. If you haven't posted an entry for four months, your customers might get the impression that your business is inactive. However, posting the same content every other day doesn't communicate anything interesting or fresh.