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The Creative Experts is part of the fast growing The Experts community, where you can find invaluable information about how to spend your leisure time and the businesses which can help you to do so.

The Creative Experts embraces all creative activities which incorporate eye to hand co-ordination and all organisations and groups who seek to deliver and develop these activities with the UK general public.

The Find a Shop search allows you to find the public facing businesses and organisations involved in the creative world and we would like your help by telling us about any that you would recommend.

Contact us with as many business contact details as you can or simply send us the web link and we'll do the rest. 

If you are a business or organisation involved in the creative sector you will be able to add or edit details yourself by simply clicking on the Add/Edit link below. 

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The Experts community does not incorporate any paid for advertising, business listings are free of charge.

The Creative Experts are proud to support Stitchlinks wellbeing through creativity.

Check back regularly for many more new shops, organisations, creative events, information about how and where to get creative and jobs in the industry throughout the coming year.