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Stitchlinks secure funding for knitting groups PhD study

11 Sep 2013

PhD study could provide further evidence of the health benefits of knitting
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Pinterest Driving 'Reverse Showrooming'

8 Aug 2013

Are your Pinterest boards driving as many sales as they could be?
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Craft confirmed as a creative industry by DCMS

17 Jun 2013

Crafts are considered part of the creative industry according to new statement
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Independents' Day just weeks away

10 Jun 2013

What activities are you planning to boost sales in your indie shop?
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Knitting just as meditative as yoga?

20 May 2013

The two past times both linked to relaxing
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Knitting makes a classroom comeback

23 Apr 2013

Knitting is set to return to schools
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Indie craft store named UK Shop of the Month

8 Mar 2013

Essex based indie craft shop awarded Independent Shop of the Month
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Vote for Stitchlinks

21 Jan 2013

Help Stitchlinks win the Epic Award 2013
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Britons planning a handmade Christmas

4 Dec 2012

Hobbycraft predicts a crafty Christmas
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Stitchlinks secure funding for knitting groups PhD study

Posted on in Business News, Creative News

Betsan Corkhill, founder of Stitchlinks, which promotes the use of creative activities to enhance health and personal wellbeing, has secured funding for a PhD study on knitting groups.

The study will commence at the University of Exeter on September 23rd 2013, carried out by student Mirja Rutger under the supervision of Professor Paul Dieppe - a world renowned professor of Health and Wellbeing.

This research will aim to provide further evidence into the benefits of knitting groups for improved health and wellbeing, a subject which has long been championed by Stitchlinks with the backing of ActSmart.

As an ex senior physiotherapist Betsan is intrigued by the idea of crafting for wellbeing, leading her to seek out evidence of the effects that crafting can have on people. What she has discovered has led to the birth of Stitchlinks and her continued search for even more evidence could have global implications and a massive, positive impact on wellbeing.

As a direct result of the ongoing work that Betsan is doing with academics and clinicians, therapeutic knitting and therapeutic knitting groups are being formally acknowledged by leading clinicians and academics for their benefits in mainstream healthcare.

Establishing an even greater evidence-base for the use of Therapeutic Knitting as a tool for wellbeing and health management could ensure a thriving future for the knitting industry which is independent of market and fashion trends worldwide.

Support Stitchlinks Betsan Corkhill from Stitchlinks is pioneering this work and this study is one of a few in the pipeline which will share information through her.

ActSmart are wholly committed to supporting Stitchlinks research and benefits to personal wellbeing and the creative industry. ActSmart makes a contribution from every creative business's subscription towards Stitchlinks.

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