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Pinterest Driving 'Reverse Showrooming'

8 Aug 2013

Are your Pinterest boards driving as many sales as they could be?
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Craft confirmed as a creative industry by DCMS

17 Jun 2013

Crafts are considered part of the creative industry according to new statement
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Independents' Day just weeks away

10 Jun 2013

What activities are you planning to boost sales in your indie shop?
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Knitting just as meditative as yoga?

20 May 2013

The two past times both linked to relaxing
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Knitting makes a classroom comeback

23 Apr 2013

Knitting is set to return to schools
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Indie craft store named UK Shop of the Month

8 Mar 2013

Essex based indie craft shop awarded Independent Shop of the Month
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Vote for Stitchlinks

21 Jan 2013

Help Stitchlinks win the Epic Award 2013
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Britons planning a handmade Christmas

4 Dec 2012

Hobbycraft predicts a crafty Christmas
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Pinterest Driving 'Reverse Showrooming'

Posted on in Business News, Creative News

Pinterest, and specifically the act of "pinning," is driving people into stores and influencing purchase decisions.

Recent data distributed by Vision Critical and highlighted in the Harvard Business Review suggests that the threat of show-rooming is overrated.

The survey asked nearly 3,000 social media users in North America and the UK about their shopping habits. 26% reported regularly engaging in showrooming - where customers find their ideal product in stores, only to price-compare and buy it for less money online, whilst in comparison 41% said they practice what is being called "reverse showrooming" - browsing online and then purchasing in stores. Pinterest is an especially popular driver of in-store sales: 21% of the Pinterest users surveyed said that they bought an item in-store after pinning, repinning, or liking it, and 36% of users under 35 said they had done so.

Vision Critical's study adds credence to the notion that social media has finally emerged as a key commerce-driver.
Vision Critical found that 50% of the items caught users' attention while they were casually browsing Pinterest itself (24% on a stranger's boards, 19% on a friend's, and 7% on a retailer's). Another 10% came from Pinterest searches.

Unlike traditional showrooming, which is spurred by e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay, reverse showrooming seems to have its roots in social media and social commerce: friends' and strangers' recommendations can inspire shoppers' purchase decisions, both offline and online.

Key summary of the report:

  • 3,000 social media users were interviewed in North America and the UK about their shopping habits
  • 26% reported regularly engaging in ‘showrooming' (visiting instore, purchasing online)
  • 41% reported ‘reverse showrooming' (browsing online, purchasing in store)
  • Pinterest is an especially popular driver of instore sales: Of the users surveyed, 21% of the Pinterest users said they bought an item instore after pinning, repinning, or liking it, and 36% of users under 35 said they had done so.

You can see details of the full report here.

Pinterest for Crafts businesses

Pinterest have taken note of the huge popularity of their site amongst Crafters and those who like to try their hand at DIY, revealing that the "DIY and Crafts" category is one of its most widely used, particularly noting large amounts of traffic in holiday-related or seasonal crafts.

With Christmas rapidly approaching it looks like now could be a key time to get your Pinterest boards up to scratch!
However, it's when you consider the extremely high conversion rates of Pinterest that you'd have to be crazy not to put effort into your boards if DIY or Crafts are related to the sector in which you operate.

Pinterest consistently delivers high quality traffic to sites according to all the recent surveys and with a high female membership number the target audience is perfect for crafters selling both online and in store.

So, if you're a retailer, or a small home crafter and you've not quite got to grips with Pinterest yet - why not?

You're missing an excellent opportunity from what is the shop window of choice for so many potential consumers.

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