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Indie Retail to Launch New Monthly Newsletter

29 Jan 2020

On Friday 31st January Indie Retail will be launching a monthly newsletter to be sent out to subscribing independent shops.
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Registration now open for CHSI Stitches 2020

11 Oct 2019

Both retailer and visitor registration is now open for CHSI Stitches 2020
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Creative employment grows three times faster than UK average

14 Aug 2019

Great news for the creative industries!
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BA encourages booksellers to go green

1 Aug 2019

The Booksellers Association (BA) has created a Green Manifesto encouraging themselves,Booksellers and the Book Industry to improve their eco-friendliness.
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CHSI 2020 dates announced

12 Jun 2019

The UK's trade show for the creative craft industry brings together over 6,000 craft buyers looking for new ideas and innovative suppliers.
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Children's creative summer workshops

8 May 2019

Summer holidays can keep crafters away from their hobby and away from visiting your store. Running children's workshops can open your store to those crafters with children and parents looking to... Read more…

Stationery Show London 2019

8 Apr 2019

Get ready for this year's Stationery Show London
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Bring your craft store to life

5 Apr 2019

Visual merchandising tips to bring your craft store to life
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The Women's Festival of Cycling 2019

2 Apr 2019

Cycling UK, for the third year running, has organised the Women's Festival of Cycling
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Guidance in preparing for EU exit

11 Feb 2019

A new guidance has been published for the retail sector with information on preparing for the EU exit
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BA encourages booksellers to go green

Posted on in Business News, Creative News

The Booksellers Association (BA) has created a Green Manifesto encouraging themselves, Booksellers and the Book Industry to improve their eco-friendliness.

This manifesto is based on three key principles:

1. The need for change to help prevent further environmental decline is urgent and permanent
2. There is much that individuals and organisations can do
3. There is much that the UK book supply chain can do

The BA has created a list of recommendations for booksellers that range from small in-store changes to making the step to review the sustainability of their supply chain. All booksellers are encouraged to take the Green Manifesto Pledge by committing to four of the twelve actions suggested by the BA and downloading the pledge logo to use within the business.

For a full list of the recommendations and more information on the BA Green Manifesto view the full document here.

Bookshops encouraged to enter Best Small Shops competition!

BookshoBest Small Shopsps are also encouraged to enter the Best Small Shops Competition by BA m.d. Meryl Halls: "We are really keen for bookshops to submit for the Best Small Shops Competition. We've had such a great showing over the last few years - The Main Street Trading Company won last year, and had a measurable impact from the win - and we have had bookshops shortlisted in the last two competitions, so we really hope we can carry on the over-representation of bookshops, who, after all, are very much the Best Small Shops in the UK. The competition brings together indie retailers from across the spectrum, and allows the best community-builders, place-makers and retail innovators to showcase the wonderful work they do on our high streets."

Click here to enter the Best Small Shops competition now!

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